Thaikhun was born in 2014 when we opened our first restaurant in Manchester

Thaikhun, pronounced tycoon, means “your” Thai restaurant.  

Bursting at the seams with hand-picked Thai bric-a-brac, authentic Thai street food and Thai inspired cocktails, every Thaikhun takes you on a journey across the world to Khao San Road.

Every recipe on our menu is found at real Thai street vendors. Every trinket comes from our top-secret Bangkok bazaar. We are proud to be Thai, and to introduce our favourite flavours for the people of Britain to try.

Come and explore our little slice of the ‘Land of Smiles’ with all the family! Bring along your Young Adventurers and introduce their taste buds to exotic Asian flavours. See you soon khun!!

Thailand is at the heart of everything we do here. Our recipes are authentic Thai street food dishes found across the country and our interiors are all hand-picked and transported straight from our Bangkok bazaar.

Follow two Thaikhun managers as they explore Thailand and discover the origins of our Thaikhun favourites. Watch the video now.


The streets hawkers are the heart of the food culture in Thailand

If you can’t go to Khao San yourself, then we’ll bring Khao San to you. Forget the expensive air fare – our restaurants are packed with Bangkok bric-a-brac that will instantly transport you to the hustle and bustle of a street market. 

Thaikhun is more than just a restaurant. Every visit is an exploration.


We take Thai food seriously

Our mission from the start has always been to authentically represent the food we grew up with, and we take care to do that at every step – from supply to Wok to plate. 

The recipes come from real Thai street markets, without adulteration. Most of our chefs are Thai themselves, training other chefs with their expert skills. All our ingredients come from trustworthy suppliers, who bring the best of Bangkok to Britain. You won’t find better Thai food anywhere else in the UK.


Explore new flavours and learn new facts with our Little Explorers & Young Adventurers kid’s menu

Perfect for children, so they can try new flavours at their own pace.

Plus, with the free National Geographic kids mini mag filled with fun Thai facts and games, they can learn while they discover new tastes.