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How to make Pad Thai

Celebrate Pad Thai Day with us! Enjoy our founder's famous Pad Thai recipe and sharpen your culinary skills by joining our Cooking School. Khun Kim's Pad Thai carries the taste of her journey with carefully chosen ingredients. Start with fresh, quality ingredients, prepare the Pad Thai sauce and cook it all together for the perfect sweet, salty, sour balance. Let's celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Thailand together!

World Cocktail Day

World Cocktail Day celebrates the magical art of mixing and the perfect pairings of flavours. At Thaikhun we have a variety of amazing cocktails that are immaculately made to complement our authentic Thai cuisine.

How to make Massaman Curry

Lovingly made and enjoyed by the Thai Royal Family! This recipe is perfect for all the family. A recipe rich in flavour and mild in spice, it's sure to please all who try! This easy step-by-step Thai curry recipe will go down a treat.

How to make Thai Red Curry

A best seller here at Thaikhun! Our Thai Red Curry is a real crowd pleaser. This creamy curry is great for all the family, full of flavour, easy to make and versatile with your choice of protein. View our 'how to' on this recipe today!

How to make chicken satay

Your most loved starter! A true Thai classic and one of our best sellers, Chicken Satay skewers. Our classic dish of chicken bamboo skewers, charcoal grilled and served with peanut sauce and Thai sweet relish is must if you love Thai food as much as we do.

How to make papaya salad

We’ve made a vegetarian version of one of our favourite dishes from the menu – Som Tum Papaya salad. But don’t let ‘Salad’ in the name put you off. Spicy, salty, sour and sweet – the perfect flavour balance packs a punch and goes perfectly with a bowl of sticky rice on the side.

How to make Sweetcorn cakes

Traditional Thai Sweetcorn Cakes are a true Thai street food favourite, you’ll find these everywhere in Thailand. We wanted to bring them to you which is why they’re available on our delicious menu.

How to make Pad Thai

Pad Thai – the national dish of Thailand. Khun Kim, own owner and Head Chef, is proud to bring her own famous recipe of Thai rice noodles, stir-fried with egg, vegetables and tamarind sauce to your Thaikhun!

How to make Thai Green Curry

This month we’re sharing our ever-loved Thai Green Curry recipe which is one that all the family will love. We’ve chosen this delicious recipe as it’s something that will warm you up now it’s getting a little chilli (excuse the pun!)