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How to make Pad Thai

Celebrate Pad Thai Day with us! Enjoy our founder's famous Pad Thai recipe and sharpen your culinary skills by joining our Cooking School. Khun Kim's Pad Thai carries the taste of her journey with carefully chosen ingredients. Start with fresh, quality ingredients, prepare the Pad Thai sauce and cook it all together for the perfect sweet, salty, sour balance. Let's celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Thailand together!

Why our restaurants get blessed by Buddhist Monks

A tradition seen across Thailand and one we upkeep for our sites, is the blessing by Buddhist Monks. This centuries-old practice is deeply rooted in Thai culture and holds significant spiritual and cultural importance. In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons behind this sacred tradition and its impact on Thai restaurants.

Thai Comfort: Delights for Autumn

As the crisp autumn breeze sweeps through, there's no better way to warm your soul than with a steaming bowl of Thai comfort food. Thailand's culinary heritage is rich and diverse, offering an array of tantalizing dishes that are perfect for the season. In this blog, we'll delve into some of the most delectable Thai dishes from Thaikhun that are sure to satisfy your autumn cravings.

Celebrate Curry Month with Thaikhun this October

Welcome to Curry Month with Thaikhun, a time to savor the aromatic and flavorful world of Thai curries! In this blog post, we'll embark on a culinary journey through Thailand, exploring the vibrant spectrum of Thai curries and learning about their distinctive characteristics. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and discover the magic of Thai curries!

Make a fresh start with a splash this Songkran

Celebrated from 13th-15th April, Songkran is the Thai New Year celebration that’s sure to make a splash. Also known as the water festival, Songkran typically sees people line the streets of Bangkok’s infamous Kho San Road as its closed for a city wide water fight, there are deeper running traditions that are adhered to across both Thailand and the rest of the world.

World Cocktail Day

World Cocktail Day celebrates the magical art of mixing and the perfect pairings of flavours. At Thaikhun we have a variety of amazing cocktails that are immaculately made to complement our authentic Thai cuisine.

Allergy Awareness Week

We are participating in Allergy Awareness week to highlight the importance of restaurant allergy and intolerance procedures and the measures we take to ensure allergen safety. We want to instil trust in all our guests every time they visit.

Pintos at Thaikhun

Traditional Thai pinots available at Thaikhun! Enjoy all your favourite Thai recipes all in one go. Share a curry, stir fry and noodle dish - perfect for your time Thai feast.

Your trip to Thailand

Our top-picks for your trip to Thailand. With every thing you need all in one place, we've put together a list of Thailand must-do's including Thai street food markets, Thai cooking schools and much much more!