Valentine's at Thaikhun

Valentine’s is celebrated throughout Thailand more than you might think. So, this year we’re not holding back!

Here in the UK, romantic things to do in the city are the usual ‘go-to’.  In Thailand, other halves don’t hold back when it comes to splashing out for this special weekend. With tying the knot becoming ever more popular on Valentine’s Day, Bangkok is flooded with boyfriends buying the biggest and the best cuddly bears and bouquets for their fiance’s. Flower markets across Bangkok are b(l)ooming, especially on this day, especially around Pak Klong Talad – the biggest flower and vegetable market in Bangkok.

One of the most popular destinations for tying the knot is Bangkok’s Bang Rak (we know!) “district of love” or Bang Sue “district of honesty”. In the district Bang Rak, the city’s most popular celebration location, thousands of couples wait for hours at the office to register their marriage. Here, district officials not only provide a Valentine’s day marriage registration service but also organise a lucky draw with impressive prizes including a “gold marriage certification” for 10 lucky couples. Each of these couples hopes to receive one of the gold marriage certificates, which will be given away only on Valentine’s day.

In true Thai style, we’re launching out ValenTHAIine’s Pinto for two this Valentine’s Day! With an abundance of tasty Thai food straight to your door, Thailand won’t feel too far away! Our founder and chef, Khun Kim, has designed this exclusive menu with you and your loved one in mind. Let the love (and fizz) flow this February!

Our ValenTHAIne’s Pinto for £45 includes all you need to spice things up this Valentine’s weekend. With nibbles, a selection of tasty Thai street food and main dishes to choose from (including all the staples such as our traditional Pad Thai) we know this is sure to impress.

Thai’s don’t do things by half so why should we?   Our goal is to be the best Thai restaurant around. One of our core values at Thaikhun is to ‘care from the heart’ and there’s no better time to show this than Valentine’s Day.

Thai Pintos are traditionally enjoyed as packed lunches for workers around the country. These stackable lunch options are a great feast – all without the guilt! You can enjoy our traditional Thai Pinto’s in each of our Thaikhun restaurants around the UK but, for now, you can order these via takeaway or delivery with Deliveroo and click and collect. Holidays abroad may not be on the cards right now but a stay-cation to Thailand is ready at the click of a finger.

We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s weekend and can’t wait to have you back when it’s safe!

From our family to yours,

Team Thaikhun