Safety First

Prioritising allergies at Thaikhun

1 in 4 people have allergies in the UK (that is a lot of us right!?). At Thaikhun we want to make sure that nobody goes hungry or feels excluded when eating out. We feel it’s important to share how we look after our guests who have food allergens, after all sharing is caring!

Taste and safety go hand in hand, our Thaikhun teams have all had food allergy and intolerance training and will ask each and every one of you if you have an allergy or special dietary requirement before you take your seats. We have implemented a large section of allergen training in all new starter inductions as well as hosting refresher training for all current team members on a regular basis. If you have an allergy, you will be shown a QR code to scan which takes you to our specific allergen menu where you can input your allergy or dietary requirement into a check box. Once you have input your requirements, the suitable dishes will then be shown straight away and you know you can enjoy these safely, it really does tick all the boxes! To get more clued up on our allergen menu click here.

We know allergies can be tricky which is why we take care in looking after and attending to your needs embracing our ‘Ow Jai Sai’ core value (meaning ‘Caring from the Heart), ensuring no dish leaves the kitchen without full inspection from our Head Chef.  Our goal is to make sure that everyone who dines with us is comfortable and safe. We pride ourselves on our ‘Ha Dao’ value too (meaning ‘Five Star’), so rest assured our teams know their stuff when it comes to handling allergens.

It’s important to remove allergens without affecting the enjoyment of dishes and we know we are still offering you the tastiest Thai in town, stress free. So please come visit us and book a table with us, in confidence, today!

Team Thaikhun