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Cooking School

Learn to Cook Thai

Join our cooking school and let our expert
chefs teach you how to make a 2 course Thai meal.

Learn to cook Thai

The Thaikhun cooking school is an exciting opportunity to create a culinary Thai feast with the guidance of our expert chefs. Discover the art of Thai cooking, culture and ingredients then use your newfound knowledge to prepare your own dish before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

Read a review from Cooking website LookingtoCook or the Oxford Mail, or check out this tripadvisor review to hear how much people love our cooking school. 


Thai Cooking School

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens Cooking School? 

Cooking school is a small group style lesson of about 2hrs with 6-8 participants. You will learn to cook one starter and one main. We cook different things each month, so check out the schedule for your local Thaikhun below.  

How much does it cost and what is included? 

Cooking school is £50 and includes a welcome drink and introduction to Thai ingredients.  Followed by a demonstration and practical hands on session learning to cook a main and a starter (varies each time, click here for a sample schedule. All equipment and aprons are provided and there is a goody bag to take home. 

How often does Cooking School run? 

Thaikhun Glasgow Silverburn
4-6pm every Tuesday 
12-2pm every Sunday
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Thaikhun Bath
3.30pm-5.30pm, fourth Sunday of the month.
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Thaikhun Oxford 
11-1pm, 2nd Sunday of the month.
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Thaikhun Manchester
11-1pm, 2nd Sunday of the month.  
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Thaikhun Nottingham
11-1pm, 2nd Sunday of the month.  
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Thaikhun Cambridge
12-2pm, 1st Saturday of the month
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Thaikhun Guildford
11-1pm first Sunday of every month
7-9:00pm 4th Tuesday of every month
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Thaikhun Aberdeen
2-4:30pm, Sunday - Thursday
7-9:30pm Sunday evenings
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Thaikhun Metrocentre
6-8pm, Mondays and Sundays 
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What will you be cooking? 

Each month we learn to cook something different. Click here to see the schedule.